Architect, works as an independent since 1985. Has participated in several Seminaries and Congresses specialy focused in urbanism and urban rehabilitation.
Between 1972 and 1986 worked at the practices of Architects Bento Lousan, Álvaro Siza, Francisco Guedes de Carvalho and Manuel Fernandes de Sá.
Significant projects a storage and office buiding in Gaia (published in “Architectures á Porto” Ed. Pierre Mardage – Belgic), an office building in Rua João das Regras at Porto (honourable mention in Prémio João de Almada - 1992), the two learning swiming-pools of Pasteleira and Campanhã also in Porto, the Requalification of the Paths of Romantic during Porto 2001 European Culture Capital (First Prize in a shortlist competion), an Aparthotel and 25 villas in Caloura Resort, S. Miguel, Azores.
In December 2007 was awarded with the 1st Price in the Public Competition of the Rossio Marquês do Pombal and Largos Adjacentes public space in Estremoz, in co-authory. Works mainly in the fields of architecture, urban rehabilitation and urbanism with great focuse to public spaces project. Together with António Pérez Babo, engineer, founded in 1987 at Porto the practice gng.apb – arquitectura e planeamento, lda.

Architecture Degree by the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, the current FAUP – Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (1976). Pós-graduation in urban renewal and building rehabilitation by the Institutul d’Arhitectura Ion Mincu of Bucarest (1978). Seminar Los Tiempos del Racionalismo 1st week of Archictecture of San Sebastian (1974). 1st Internacional Seminar of Architecture in Compostela: Proyeto y Ciudad Histórica (1976).
1st Buiding Conservation and Rehabilitation National Meeting, LNEC Lisbon (1982) Selected for the International Experimental Urbanism Workshop at Évora by UNESCO (1985). Invited to the 1st Galeg and North of Portugal Architects Meeting at Santiago de Compostela (1985). RCCTE course at Ordem dos Arquitetos (2007). Course Projecting with the CCP at Ordem dos Arquitetos (2008). Second Concreta Congress Rehabilitation-Living, Matosinhos (2009). Mesa Conferencies Casa da Música, Porto (2011).